WOS33, Reviving a Chinese Cult Sneaker Brand

HONG KONG — For the better part of a century, Chinese school kids in physical education class turned to Warrior for their gym shoes. Shenzhen-native Bohan Qiu was one of them, and recalls how his primary school trainers were mandatory-issued Warrior ones.
This was before China had really opened up in the Eighties, and foreign sneaker brands were unheard of. Warrior, which was created in 1927, “was one of the only cool Chinese sneaker options you had out there, one of the only ones that was branded,” Qiu said. But with the entrance of international sportswear giants Adidas and Nike, Warrior shoes and other Chinese-made labels fell to the wayside.
Now Qiu is part of a team of four spread across China and Italy trying to revive the cult Shanghainese sneaker brand for an international audience, under a new name — WOS33 — although it’s not the first time someone has spied potential in Warrior.
In 2010, trade publication Jing Daily reported on an attempt to push Warrior products upmarket within China itself that fizzled out, and an online search for the name reveals a long-inactive Warrior shoes site for the Australian market, a separate attempt to adapt it to foreign tastes.
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