Vision Expo West 2017 Highlights Technology, Innovation and Trends

LAS VEGAS – Most opticians’ storefronts have a long way to go before they resemble high-end department stores, but that’s a gap that the eyewear manufacturers showing at Vision Expo West, which ended its four-day run earlier this month, are trying to help them bridge.
It’s no wonder, as the nearly $100 billion eyewear industry is poised to grow 40 percent by 2020. In an already consolidated landscape, the forthcoming merger between volume sales leader Luxottica and top lens provider Essilor comes at a time when lenses are creating buzz in the eyewear market.
“To be able to sell a frame with the best lenses will be a big advantage, for the end consumer and for our eye-care professional customers,” said Fabrizio Uguzzoni, president of Luxottica Wholesale North America. “Putting together the products and innovation they bring to the market will bring a positive impact to the market, as the synergy to the supply chain will make a difference.”
He continued, “You see already now in our collections — in big house brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley — that the lens is starting to become more and more about differentiation, with the Chromance and Prizm lenses, respectively. There is more consumer awareness about

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