Nine Tequila Cocktails Beyond the Margarita

Who can say no to a classic Margarita? But don’t think that tequila’s sole purpose is for this iconic cocktail. These cocktails use tequila as a primary or supporting spirit and will inspire you to get creative with your drinks, whether you are enjoying them at home or at a bar.

Learn how to make a sophisticated slushie, a fig/thyme/licorice cocktail, a riff on a classic tiki drink, a boozy take on cold-brew coffee, a drink best served with a blowtorch, a beer-topped riff on a Moscow mule, or a paloma-esque grapefruit refresher. And since we couldn’t resist, one new take on a traditional margarita that includes—yes—pickle brine. Click through to the end for a non-alcoholic shrub perfect for dry-drinking, or equally delicious spiked with a shot of tequila.

Click for the first recipe, and get mixing!

Looking to learn more about different types of tequila, how to use them and what bottles to buy? Here’s more information on each of the three main styles:




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