Mikimoto Looks to Strengthen Its Brand Value Overseas

TOKYO — When Hitoshi Yoshida took over as president of storied Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto nearly six years ago, his first and broadest goal was to shore up its once untouchable brand value, which had taken a hit starting with the 2008 financial crisis. But he soon learned that — at least in Japan — this would prove a less daunting task than many may have anticipated.
“After about a year the number of customers from overseas started to increase a lot and our performance also improved, so the will and ambition of those working for us gradually and naturally increased without me even having to do anything,” Yoshida said.
But that’s not to say that he sat on his laurels and waited for things to happen to the company. He made plans to completely rebuild Mikimoto’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza district, which opened in June after two-and-a-half years of construction. Other stores, such as the ones in Osaka and Nagoya, were moved and reopened in new, better locations.
Mikimoto has had a retail presence in the glitzy Ginza neighborhood since 1899, when founder Kokichi Mikimoto opened his very first store there. The newly reopened unit features a striking glass facade covering six

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