June 29, 2017, 4:00 p.m. – Magnum Shorts: From Video to Media

Special Exhibition Programs

2017. Belgium/Norway/Germany. Bieke Depoorter, Mattias De Craene. 9 min.

2015. Belgium/France. Bieke Depoorter. 4 min.

2015. Great Britain/United Arab Emirates. Olivia Arthur. 9 min.

2013. Republic of Congo. Alex Majoli. 4 min.

2013. Republic of Congo. Alex Majoli. 3 min.

Bongo Fever 
2011. Tanzania. Chien-Chi Chang. 11 min.

The Peruvian Equation 
1991. Peru. Gilles Peress. 11 min.

TV Shots 
1972/2015. Great Britain. Harry Gruyaert. 10 min.

In the Film exhibition Beyond the Frame: International Cinema by Magnum Photographers

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