Maternal diet could affect kids’ brain reward circuitry

Researchers have found that rats who ate junk food during pregnancy had heavier pups that strongly preferred fat straight after weaning. However, a balanced diet in childhood seemed to reduce the pups’ desire for fat. The pups also showed altered brain reward circuitry into adulthood. The findings could have implications for childhood nutrition and obesity […]

Bali’s Mount Agung eruption imminent

Bali’s Mount Agung eruption imminent

Tremors from Bali’s Mount Agung are increasing in number and intensity and getting shallower,  indicating an eruption is close. Flights to the holiday island continue as normal from around the globe. Read: Virgin Australia’s volcanic hedge  Over 38,000 local residents have been evacuated to shelters and a 12km exclusive zone placed around the volcano,  which […]

Sydney software glitch causes chaotic start to Aussie school holidays.

A software problem that rendered air traffic control screens in Sydney inoperable has been blamed for a rocky start to the Australian school holidays. Flights to and from Sydney Airport  faced major disruptions during the Monday peak travel period after the glitch hit  Airservice Australia’s air traffic control and management system. The impact was made […]