Ryanair calls for two-drink limit for airport alcohol

Budget carrier Ryanair has called for a two-drink limit at airports after a surge in airborne hooliganism linked to alcohol. A BBC Panorama investigation found the number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour on British flights had risen 50 per cent in the past 12 months. It cited Civil Aviation Authority figures that disruptive passenger […]

Unprecedented MH370 findings boost pressure to resume search

Unprecedented MH370 findings boost pressure to resume search

Australian scientists believe they have pinpointed the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines airliner MH370 with unprecedented accuracy, significantly ramping up pressure on the Malaysian government to resume the search. The scientists used satellite imagery and drift modelling to identify a location at latitude 35.6°S and longitude 92.8°E, near the seventh arc defined by satellite data, […]

MH370: Malaysia cannot avoid responsibilities after new evidence.

Comment The Malaysian Government can no longer evade its responsibilities to locate MH370 after the dramatic revelations this morning from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and Geoscience Australia that identify an almost precise location of the missing jet. The further refined drift analysis plus the detailed investigation of satellite images from a French satellite have […]

Families urge Malaysia to accept MH370 search offer

Families of MH370 victims have questioned why the Malaysian government has not accepted a proposal by US-based Ocean Inifnity to resume the search on a no-find, no fee basis. The Malaysian government has confirmed it received the offer and the families say it has been sitting on it for more than four months. The deal […]

Hong Kong’s Cathay posts $HK2 billion first-half loss.

Cathay Pacific, battling stiff competition from mainland Chinese and other airlines, has reported a $KH2.05- billion ($US262m) net loss for the first six months of 2017 and predicts the second half is likely to be just as bad. The worse than expected loss compared to a net profit of $HK353 million for the first half […]

Sprayground to Open First Pop-up in SoHo

Sprayground, a backpack brand that has established a cult following, will open its first pop-up shop in SoHo later this month. The shop, locate at 39 Spring Street, will be open from Aug. 20-25 and is dubbed Six Days of Mayhem. In addition to offering pieces from the company’s bag line, the shop will also […]

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