4 Summer Sangrias

Spain’s traditional wine punch, sangria, has enjoyed a resurgence in bars and restaurants over the past decade. The best of these sangrias are light and quaffable, often punched up with additional spirits, citrus and effervescence to accent the wine’s flavors.

Thankfully, the modern sangria has moved from the cloying, overly sweet templates of years past. These new sangrias have a contemporary cocktail-culture sensibility, which makes them remarkably versatile. It’s one of the reasons sangria remains among the world’s most popular warm-weather drinks: It can be riffed upon endlessly, depending on your tastes and ingredients available.

The following recipes feature not just red wine, but also white, rosé and even Sherry. So break out the pitchers and the punchbowls, and try these refreshing blends all summer long.

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Cachaça & Tempranillo Sangria
Riesling & Brandy Sangria
Rosé & White Whiskey Sangria
Sherry, Agave & Pineapple Sangria

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